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Quarantine Kitchen Survival Guide

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My favorite recipe author has been publishing some recipe round-ups lately, to help us with all of our #Plague2020 pantry-using needs during this time of Social Distancing and grocery store shortages.

Here’s a quick list of some of what I’ve made over the past few weeks, along with recipes I am looking forward to being able to make again soon.

Pro-Tip: If someone has managed to become MY favorite recipe author, that’s a darn near perfect guarantee that what you are about to find is a whole slew of things that will be easy for YOU to make!

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My slightly-terrifying trip to the Indian grocery store

To say that I was completely deer-in-the-headlights once I walked through the doors would be an understatement….

The latest new and slightly-scary thing that I shall next be attempting in my kitchen: Indian food far beyond my extremely limited vocabulary of “chicken tikka masala”, “butter chicken”, “basmati rice”, and “garlic naan”. This decision ultimately required a trip to a specialty Indian grocery store.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t make TOO much of a fool of myself while there.

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Dumpster Fire Chicken Curry Stew (Achievement Unlocked: “Efed it Up, Ate it Anyway”)

So. Dinner tonight. Hooo boy.

For some reason I had a second vacu-sealed package of chicken thighs thawed from when I made the Urvashi Pitre’s Now and Later Butter Chicken earlier in the week. What the hell, it was yummy, I’ll make it again.

And then everything went […]

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