All posts designated as containing Product Information are me stepping outside of the kitchen, and compiling details that I think could be helpful and of informational value.

Usually these posts are specifically about the Instant Pot product line, but could also be about random cooking accessories that I’ve found to be helpful.

Instant Pot Control Panels & Lids – Visual Side-by-Side Comparisons!

Let’s face it — mostly what we care about is the user interface for the features offered, right? So let’s just get down to the meat of the matter — what do they look like, and what’s different between them!?

Are all the words blurring together when trying to identify the differences between product lines and version numbers for the Instant Pot? Worry no more — here’s a detailed side-by-side comparison for you!

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Instant Pot Aggregate Recipe Searcher (version 2)

Type in your search terms, click the button, and a list of URLs will be auto-generated for you using that search term!

Then all you need to do is click on each one of the links to immediately go directly to each site’s search results page, and *poof* you’ve just automatically searched a whole bunch of Instant Pot blogs all at once for the recipe you are looking for!

NEW in Version 2 — more detailed output, listing site names and owners, plus adding Facebook and Pinterest search! (The Version 1 bullet list output has been retained as a bare-bones “for mobile” list.)

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Instant Pot Blogs Aggregate Recipe Searcher (version 1)

Announcing “Version 1” of some nifty web-code that I’ve written! An Instant Pot Blog Aggregate Recipe Searcher*

(Note that “Searcher” has an asterisk because I’m not actually performing any search for you — just making it a lot faster and easier for you to perform the search yourself.)

Just type in your search terms, click the button, and a list of blog URLs will be auto-generated for you using that search term!

UPDATED: Version 2 is now released!

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When is a “cup” not a cup?

Learn more about why your Instant Pot’s measurement lines aren’t the kind of “cups” you might think they are!

Spoiler Alert: I found NINE different definitions across the globe about how much liquid volume is contained in the vague not-in-any-way-standardized unit of measure known as “1 cup”.

And the “cups” marked on your inner liner? Those are “Japanese Rice Cups” and NOT “American 8 fluid ounce cups”!

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