All posts in this category are directly about original recipes that I’ve managed to make without resulting in a complete Dumpster Fire Hot Mess crash-and-burn. Thus, they are safe for you to try without any worries.

Quarantine Kitchen Survival Guide

[ Quarantine Kitchen ]

My favorite recipe author has been publishing some recipe round-ups lately, to help us with all of our #Plague2020 pantry-using needs during this time of Social Distancing and grocery store shortages.

Here’s a quick list of some of what I’ve made over the past few weeks, along with recipes I am looking forward to being able to make again soon.

Pro-Tip: If someone has managed to become MY favorite recipe author, that’s a darn near perfect guarantee that what you are about to find is a whole slew of things that will be easy for YOU to make!

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Urvashi Pitre’s Butter Chicken

Shout-out to Urvashi Pitre and her Now and Later Butter Chicken recipe!

I painstakingly followed the recipe almost exactly — I did fiddle with the spice quantities — and it came out soooooo yummy! And it was super-easy, too! Mostly just dump stuff in the pot and turn it on. Totally my kind of recipe! 😀

If you’re scared it will be spicy, just cut back on the […]

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