Instant Pot Aggregate Recipe Searcher (version 2)

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After way too many hours at the keyboard for the past 24 hours — but with lots of wonderful feedback from users — I’m happy to announce Version 2 of my Aggregate Recipe Searcher* (for Instant Pot Blogs & More) page!

* Note that “Searcher” has an asterisk because I’m not actually performing any search for you — just making it a lot faster and easier for you to perform the search yourself.

New features include searching for Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube — plus making the old output all pretty ‘n stuff. (But the old plain bullet-list format has been retained for use on mobile with narrow screens.)

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s what Version 1 looked like:


And here’s what the Version 2 “Detailed List” looks like!


And what the Version 2 “Basic List” (for mobile) looks like:



Here’s how you get to it:

Got Feedback?

The output is a static list of sites that I have to tell the code about. See something missing? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see what I can do about including it in the output!

Please note that comments moderation is on, so there is some lag time between when you submit a comment, and when I get an email notice and can go press the approve button so that it can appear on the page. After you get enough manually-approved comments, you are eligible for auto-approval going forward.

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