Who wants to hear about tasty, tasty, chicken glue?

For this one, I need to begin with a little historical data in order to establish some context.

So off I went this morning to YouTube, to hunt for a specific old television clip from my childhood.  Memory had established it a PBS “thing” — which meant it would totally “work” for my purposes of establishing said context, since the vast majority of my readers are in the USA so there was a good chance it could be familiar to many of you.

Alas, reality is that it was actually a San Francisco Bay Area “thing”, and not a “PBS” thing.  But I’m not gonna let that stop me, since without context, the whole punchline of this post is meaningless. 🙂

But for anyone who was in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 80’s, and who watched KTVU —  you will totally recognize this Charlie and Humphrey public affairs skit.

The rest of you are likely just wondering what the hell I’m prattling on about, so click the play button on the embedded video, and hopefully this will all make sense. 😀

All of this is working up to the statement that summarizes this latest adventure.

Glue! I made glue!

OK, maybe this is all just funnier in my mind than in reality, but go with me.

Glue! I made glue!



And now we’re off to the races!

This adventure almost ended up being a Dumpster Fire Level 5 … how it only actually ended up at my standard Level 3, I have yet to decipher…

In other news… Word Press seriously needs an “are you sure you are ready to publish” feature, because I meant to hit “save draft” just now — and instead y’all have now gotten an email notification about a story I just started writing and accidentally hit “publish” on.

So I guess that means I need to stop here, and let this sit for a few days, and then figure out how to resolve the issue. Deleting posts usually causes problems. But I don’t know yet if I can even make it send out a new email notification when I am really ready to make the full story available.  Poop.

Well, maybe this is a good time / way to gauge reader interest.

If you want to hear the rest of the story chime in below.

Good news! I finally have it posted! So click here to read all about it!


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