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Heavy Duty Spring Clamps!

The Back Story

So back in January I saw a suggestion in the FB group about how to solve the spinning pot problem, using these Heavy Duty Spring Clamps.

I was totally excited to give them a whirl, and the day they arrived I popped one on and started my Saute cycle.

About half way through cooking whatever it was I was sauteing (probably onions) this horrific burning plastic stench started terrorizing my senses, and I ripped that thing off faster than the RoadRunner zipping through a tunnel painted on the side of a giant boulder. (MeepMeep)

Oddly enough, it didn’t seem to be melted, though it was hot to the touch, so I tossed them all in the corner and have ignored them ever since.

Until this past weekend…

The Front Story

Pot-stirring steam bath!

This past weekend I celebrated the arrival of my third bouncing baby Instant Pot, and prepared a whopping 5 recipes (6 if you count the fact that I made two batches of yogurt, one 2% and one whole milk).

One of those recipes was Amy & Jacky’s Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork, and after the cooking cycle was complete, I needed to reduce the sauce.

Well Saute More puts off a LOT of steam. And it was a tomato based sauce, so I was terrified of scorching and was stirring it constantly, and regularly switching hands because, as I said, steam is HOT.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm….

And it’s times like this that I wonder if, as a society, we’d be far less resourceful if MacGyver and Mythbusters were never TV shows. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Because really, the first two things I think of when I have a problem are: (a) Duct Tape, and (b) MacGyver.


And so I present you with… The Cooking Oar!

“For those times when you need to stir two Instant Pots at once.”


Ok not really. I was only stirring the one Instant Pot.

But I sooooo totally MacGyver’d that shit right up, and then was back to business in no time flat with an unscorched and reduced sauce! ๐Ÿ˜€


For those who may be wondering

Here’s the full line-up of what I managed to accomplish over the weekend — it was an entirely Amy & Jacky weekend, all with varying levels of success.

  1. Honey Soy Chicken Wings
  2. Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork
  3. Pressure Cooker Pork Loin Chops in HK Onion Sauce
  4. Pressure Cooker Korean Ribs
  5. Yogurt #12

Reader Survey

And now for the important part of today’s post: your feedback.

My last post from a few days ago, about Achievement Unlocked: Got a 3rd Pot, and my stupidly celebrating that by going grocery shopping with no list and no meal plan — and kinda flying blind from memory about queued-up recipes… then freaking out about WTF was I going to then do with all those random purchases — not only got zero comments, but it also caused several people to unsubscribe from new-post notifications.


Your feedback here will determine how much effort I put into this blog going forward.


FYI: It takes me 4 to 6 hours to appropriately type of the saga of any full-blown dumpster fire event. (And truth be told, it’s taken me about 2 hours just to type up THIS minimal post.) So I need to know how much y’all want to hear about, and in what level of detail. I actually do have successes, in addition to total down in flames hot messes.

The farther in the past something happened without documentation, the less I am going to remember about what went on, even when assisted by photo evidence. So what types of things do you want to hear about?

I can do short quick things, 1 or 2 times a week. With either no pictures, or a few pictures.

Or I can do long dramatic things 1 or 2 times a month — assuming something dramatic actually even happened (since my promise is to never exaggerate, and to only ever convey the actual true reality of my Hot Mess’ness).

So here are your voting options:

I can back-fill sagas based on old FB posts, that already have text and photos associated with them, to help me remember the story details:

  • Achievement Unlocked: Have Pot, Will Travel
  • Achievement Unlocked: Battle Wound
  • Achievement Unlocked: Egg Fail
  • When Pot Roast becomes Stew (aka: “Against the Grain” fail)
  • Dumpster Fire Coconut Soup

I can work on my Facebook Warrior series (currently consisting ofย Fun Fact: Instant Pot is a brand name and Instant Pot Selection Flowchart):

  • What is the “Water Test”? (and why you should do it)
  • Instant Pot Models: Side-by-Side Detail Comparison

Or I could attempt to write up the two larger sagas of this past weekend:

  • Dumpster Fire Honey Soy Chicken “Wings”
  • Pulled Pork Poison Control

Sound off in the comments below! And remember that your feedback here will determine how much effort I put into this blog going forward.


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  • Beth Fuchs

    I love reading all your stuff! I wish I’d have seen your previous post before I left work and ended up taking the sleep meds for the weekend. Don’t know if I’m quite coherent yet and I’m almost through Monday at work.

    Dayum woman! How the hell are you going to cook all that stuff you got with the 3rd pot?!? If there was more munchie type stuff I’d think you had picked up another kind of pot… It kind of looks like my shopping trips if I tell myself I’m going to do some cooking over the weekend.

    Not sure about everyone else, but I’d love to read about the adventures over the weekend.

  • Bethany

    I love reading your posts. Meant to comment on the shopping one but got sidetracked at work. New at the IP myself so don’t have much experience besides yogurt, hard boiled eggs and garlic brown sugar chicken

  • Bethany

    Oh shoot! So meant to include this – you do you and post what you feel like is the less stress hassle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sandi

    I like the longer posts. Love your writings and look forward to them. We really need humor in our lives right now and you certainly do provide that!

  • Pam Hammitt

    I love your blog and I know they take a lot of your time. They are so great and funny. But I would understand if you cut down to one or two a week. You are hilarious

  • Connie

    I love reading your posts! I love to laugh. Gotta laugh otherwise feel like cryin’. Post whatever you feel like posting short, long or man size. xo. I remember posting about those clamps and binderclips work well too and will not melt.

  • Emily T

    I am quite normally just a silent troll. I like to read posts and I often think about typing a response, only to delete it. That being said, I wanted to do an actual shout out to you and all of your efforts. I think you are hilarious and have a great way of writing your experiences in a way with which we can all relate.

    While I love reading your posts, I think the only suggestion I can make, is to only continue if YOU are enjoying them. I feel that blogs are something you must do for oneself. If it becomes a chore and is not fun, then you should not make your life more difficult. Life is already too full of things that are not worthwhile. If you are enjoying sharing your experiences, then keep it up! You are so fun! I will keep reading your posts. If you are not enjoying it, I wish you well, and will look forward to your posts and comments on the community board!

  • Marissa Drake

    You do what works for you! I think we are all here because we enjoy your writing and humor. I wouldn’t want this to be a full time thing unless that was your choice. It’s pretty awesome to just get the surprise if reading it.

  • Lisa

    I love short & sweet because like you, time is always at a premium… but I would read a long post, too!!! Keep up the great work girl!

  • Tracy M.

    I agree with what many before me have said. I love your stories and the laughs I get from them! However, do what you can and what you want to. Don’t make it a chore that you dread. I’m busy too and sometimes don’t get around to reading your posts right away so if you need to cut back I’m cool with that.

  • Mary

    Remember “Build it and they will come” ?
    Well, “Write it, and we will read”. Whoever finds it and likes it will read it and share it.
    You will enjoy your work more, and we will too, if you write what you like.
    That said, I find the humorous ones the most unique and enjoyable.
    I appreciated the flow-chart also. You can do as much as you have time for.
    Maybe one long humorous article and 2 short-and-sweet to keep us remembering you, every month? You can stockpile the ‘messy’ posts if they happen to come close together, but that means making time to cook, clean, and write…

  • Odette

    I usually lurk, read and rarely post but wanted to let you know I love your blog! Hilarious! Post as often as you like…..I’ll be lurking :)…..(not in a creepy way)

  • Kahana Chameleon

    I vote for the long funny ones. Your posts make me smile and sometimes even laugh. Due to some … stuff…in my life, smiles and laughter are few and far between. Anyone who can actually make me laugh out loud is quite special!

    • Jen Neefer

      Escape from “…stuff… in life” is exactly why I do this. There’s too much shit going on around the world these days. If we’re all going to die in nuclear hellfire, at least we’ll have some brief moments of thinking about other things, before Armageddon rains down on us — even if those other things are just me barely managing to not die in the kitchen… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      P.S. If we get advance notice of Armageddon, I’ll live stream my attempts at Armageddon Apple Pie with Nuclear Hellfire Carmel Sauce for y’all, how’s that? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Katy

    I’m usually a silent lurker, but I’ll climb out from under the bridge for this one. I love every single thing you post, and read and enjoy all of them, so rock on however you like, and I’ll subscribe and keep reading!! *Two thumbs Up*

  • Dennise

    I love your hot mess stirring solution! I bought one of these(got it at a discounted price ) but haven’t had the opportunity to use it.

    • Jen Neefer

      Ooh that’s spiffy!

      I did finally find a longer 13.5″ one on Amazon after some hard-core hunting for it. It arrives tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mary Neese

    I know I’m incredibly late replying but want you to know that I enjoy everything you write! Please, write about what pleases you, what speaks to you. I’ll read them all, guaranteed.

  • Natalie

    It doesn’t matter-I enjoy everything you write! Clever and so descriptive I feel like I can smell half of your misery! I just read the honey wings story and I swear I can smell that onion death pot!! I actually read and article yesterday by Dan Rather and he referenced this ” Dumpster fire of a presidency” and I laughed my gluteals off thinking about you! ????

  • Leah Sieg

    Late to the party, but all of the above. (Please. Please.)

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